Mandibular advancement splints

When the tongue falls back while sleeping, it makes breathing difficult and snoring occurs. Mandibular advancement trays hold the jaw and tongue forward, widening the airway.

Protrusion splint

When the muscles slacken during sleep, the lower jaw and tongue fall back and constrict the breathing tube. Special dental splints called mandibular protrusion splints (UPS) are a successful remedy for snoring (rhonchopathy) for many patients. They are also often effective for obstructive sleep apnoea.

They are recommended in the treatment of pure snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea. For severe sleep apnoea, ventilation therapy is more suitable. If you cannot tolerate this, mandibular advancement splints can improve your symptoms proportionately. They pull the lower jaw slightly forward during the night and keep the airway clear. Such splints are sometimes called snoring splints or anti-snoring splints, although this does not do justice to their true capabilities, as they can also be used for mild to moderate sleep apnoea syndrome.


A good, individually fitted and technically high-quality mandibular advancement splint costs about 1300 – 1900 EUR including the first control session, which already includes several hundred euros of laboratory costs. Simpler models are considerably cheaper. Upon request, you will receive a treatment plan prepared for you prior to treatment.

Types of mandibular advancement splints

Modern systems consist of two parts. One part for the upper jaw and one part for the lower jaw. Between the two parts are connecting mechanisms that hold the lower jaw in place.

Protrusion splint and dentist

Unfortunately, such splints may be made by any dentist or doctor – “unfortunately” because the fitting of individual mandibular protrusion splints is not part of normal studies or specialist training. Only a few dentists and orthodontists have undergone real further training and specialisation. Yet this additional training is very important for good treatment!

In addition to their practical experience since 2007, Dr. Elio Adler and ZÄ Beate Gesell are certified by the relevant professional association, the “German Society of Dental Sleep Medicine” for this field of treatment.

Snoring splint: Test

So-called “test splints” or “trial splints” are offered on the internet, in pharmacies or even in some medical practices. These are prefabricated splints that are supposed to be adjusted to the shape of the jaw and teeth by heating them. Despite all the effort, the success is usually modest, as the splints usually do not hold well on the teeth and the bulky feeling in the mouth reduces the comfort of wearing and thus sleeping. We only make them after explanation and at the express request of the patient.

Snoring splint: Pharmacy

Only simple, thermoplastic test splints can be sold in pharmacies. These are described in the previous paragraph.

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